Vivian Kammel

wedding invitations and paper goods that spark emotion

We believe true luxury is found in simplicity and freedom, and true beauty is drawn from the poetry of the natural world.

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kind words

“If you're ever in the market for a calligrapher, I can't recommend Vivian enough! Over the last several months, Vivian and I have exchanged over 200 emails as I planned for our wedding and her warmth, patience, openness, creativity and work ethic have been such a gift during this season!"

Ashley, New York

“I absolutely adore Vivian’s work! I ordered 2 beautiful custom banners from her and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, the fast shipping and the quality of the banners! They were a huge hit at the wedding. Thank you, Vivian!”

Nicole, Massachusetts

“Vivian did such a beautiful job with this custom calligraphy piece. Super personal touch for my sisters upcoming wedding! It was a gift for her shower, and is the lyrics of one of the songs to be sung at her wedding and includes drawing of her wedding flowers! It's perfect. Thanks Vivian!”

Holly, Michigan

“Vivian's work is beautiful and unique, which is more than enough to justify a five-star review, but she was also very responsive and thorough in resolving a shipping issue (the cause of which was entirely out of her control.) Highly recommended!”

Aidan, Canada

Wedding stationery for couples who are wildly in love.

More about vivian

I’m a visual artist creating thoughtful wedding stationery for couples who are wildly in love.

With over seven years of experience in the visual arts, I combine purpose and beauty to tell stories. My passion is to help you create intentional and purposeful designs that bring your vision to life.

A few short years ago, I set out to plan the wedding of my dreams.

I quickly learned that planning a wedding was no joke. There were so many details I hadn’t thought of, and more decisions to make with every step. I wanted my guests to feel welcomed, and cared for while letting them in on a little piece of our love story.

The turning point came for me when I saw how special my time of engagement really was. I didn’t want to spend those precious moments stressing about the details when I should be getting excited for marriage!

Hiring a creative team to lighten my to-do list was a game changer.

Thoughtful, intentional wedding stationery is a time consuming task with a lot of unexpected details and decisions. I have strong understanding for how to take your values and vision and translate them to a tangible aesthetic. I will work with you to create paper goods that set the tone for your day, make your guests feel special, and tell your unique story.

Together we’ll create wedding stationery that elevates your wedding.

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