(normal people definitions for common design jargon)

Logo: A visual mark that represents your business. A logo is a “memory shortcut” that reminds people about what your business stands for.

Submark/secondary logo: An alternate version of your logo, often formatted to fit a different shape. For example, your main logo might fit perfectly into a horizontal banner for your website, but if you need a square format for your Instagram Profile, your secondary logo can be made to fit better.

Branding:In simplest terms, branding is what people feel when they think about your business. Your branding starts with identifying your story for what you do, and it shows up  in your logo, fonts, colors, tone of voice, imagery and more. The process of branding your business involves strategically fitting pieces together to tell your story in a way that stands out in your industry.

Brand Board: A document containing your design elements all in one place. You’ll be able to look at your brand style board and see how each brand element works together.

Style Board: Also known as a mood board, this is a collection of existing images, colors, and design elements. A style board is used at the beginning of the process to make sure we’re on the same page before any designing actually starts.

Brand Research: The process of digging into your goals, values and inspiration to draw out your story. It involves assessing your current brand and researching your audience. Brand research happens at the very beginning of the process, in the form of questions and a phone consultation.