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We deliver holistic brand experiences–specializing in modern visual identities that become the foundation for lasting business growth.


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 “I cannot recommend Vivian enough. Before Vivian my branding was just a hodgepodge of things I had put together, There was no cohesiveness in anything and it all sort of felt like a mess and unprofessional. I recently just hit my 10 year anniversary of photography. I knew that I had the knowledge with my camera, but it was time to take my business serious. I knew I was lacking in a “brand” and I knew I couldn’t produce what I wanted. I decided to invest in Vivian because 1. she is just amazingly talented and 2. I knew she could bring my vision to life better than I could dream it up! Now my branding simply feels like “me”. It feels fresh, trendy and professional, all while being unique. I don’t know any other creatives in my field that have a similar look to mine, which is great, because I am my own personal business! Vivian just made it into a brand!”

–Ashley, photographer

Ashley D Photography

“Before working with Vivian, I never loved my branding. While I liked the "look" of it, it lacked the professionalism of a high-end brand and it wasn't quite attracting our ideal clientele. We wanted to change the name of our business and take it to the next level. We knew that in order to do this properly, we needed to invest in hiring someone to create something consistent. We also knew it would be worth it to hire someone who knew how to draw in the clients we wanted. We have hands down no regrets whatsoever! We are thrilled with the final product that Vivian created for us and the entire process was simple and streamlined. We appreciate how she listened to our ideas and managed to create exactly what we wanted (even when we didn't know what that was). She does beautiful work, has amazing attention to detail and is a sweetheart to work with.”

–Kelly and Crystal, photographers

Balsam & Blush Photography

“It was so important to us to have a high quality, photo-worthy detail for bouquet, boutonniere and corsage delivery. Vivian is extremely talented and was able to help us create customized tags for our clients’ designs. We love the paper she selected and her style of calligraphy. The quality is unmatched and our clients absolutely love the detail of the tags! Thank you so much Vivian for your attention to detail and for being so easy to work with!”

–Heather, floral designer

Evergreen Flower Company

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Branding design, Wedding stationery, Art shop


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I’m Vivian Kammel, a fine art graphic designer helping businesses and engaged couples tell their stories through intentional design. My style is uncomplicated and simple, and often includes a hint of handcrafted elements.

My favorite days include pulling out my watercolors and calligraphy tools to create beautiful artwork, brainstorming brand design strategy for creative, passionate people and wandering through the nearest art museum with my husband Caleb, cappuccino in hand.


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Wedding Invitations

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Thoughtful wedding stationery for couples who are wildly in love.

You’re engagement is a precious time, savor it! Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. I help you get your life back by taking a huge task off your to-do list. I create wedding stationery that tells your story.

Thoughtful wedding stationery for couples who are wildly in love.