Detailed Branding process 

1. Questionnaire, Pinterest Board–Please fill out the questionnaire to help me better understand your values, vision, and goals within two weeks. (See Pinterest board guidelines below)

2. Phone consultation–We’ll chat on the phone about the direction of your brand, and brainstorm ways we can get your vision down on paper.

3. Brand Strategy Document and Mood Boards–I’ll put together a guide that you can reference to see your overall brand direction at a glance, with at least 2 mood boards attached. You’ll choose which mood board to determine the direction we’ll go before designing the elements of your brand.

4. Logo–I’ll create 3 different directions for your logo and send them to you to start narrowing down your vision.

5. 1st Revision–You can respond with which logo direction you’d like to pursue, and request any desired tweaks.

6. Logo, submarks, fonts–I’ll make tweaks to the logo, and create a secondary logo (see definitions below) along with font choices to complement your brand direction.

7. Final approval–you’ll have the option to make any last minute tweaks to the logo, submarks, and fonts

8. Final files–Once you’ve given final approval to your branding suite, I’ll send you high quality files in all the necessary formats, ready for you to use!