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Meggan Stefan

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industry: Web development

“Working with Vivian was an absolute dream come true. She perfectly understood and captured the vision I had in my head for my brand and I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out! Not only did she deliver an exceptional end product, but made me feel valued and understood every step of the way. Hiring Vivian was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business!”

—Meggan Stefan, web designer

tone: hand-crafted, intentional, fresh, airy

We began Meggan's project with design research into what mattered most to in her web development business: her core values of generosity, honesty, and simplicity.

01. Research

We brainstormed ways to incorporate Meggan's goals and values into her aesthetic, landing on a hand-drawn typography logo inspired by European Architecture. Her visual concept was centered around the feeling of a deep breath of fresh air while walking down an old European cobblestone street.

02. solutions

As Meggan's project drew to a close, we filled out her brand toolkit with a font system rooted in history, secondary logos she could use across platforms, and color pairings that fit with her concept.

03. Deliverables

meggan stefan,
Web developer

“vivian made me feel valued and understood every step of the way.”

grand rapids, Mi