vivian kammel

June Bean

filed under: logo design / color system / typography / packaging / website

industry: Motherhood, skin care

This project took a fresh look at organic baby skincare. Inspired by vintage bathroom faucets and fixtures, the aim of this project was to create a brand that feels rooted in the classic rituals of motherhood, freshened up by the modern world of natural and organic skincare. All while keeping everything feeling as soft and tender as towel-wrapped kisses. I wanted to create a soft and tender brand—from the packaging all the way to the website homepage.

tone: soft, delicate, tender, gentle, nostalgic

This project began with creative direction by curating a mood board that would serves as the basis for the graphics, colors, and website.

01. creative direction

I wanted to create an immersive experience for this brand, and so explored how packaging and brand patterns (formulated from the logo) could be used to set these products apart on the shelves.

02. packaging

The finishing touch of this project was in the website homepage design—where all the brand elements came together to build a complete brand experience.

03. website

grand rapids, Mi