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Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Steve Forbes


I create branding that breathes life into your business.

Your brand goes far beyond your logo. An elevated brand makes you stand out in a saturated market, gets the right people excited to buy from you, and communicates the incredible value you have to offer.

Good branding makes your business irreplaceable.



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If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you might feel discouraged because:

  • You aren’t making money (or not enough, anyway).

  • People don’t seem value your work.

  • You aren’t standing out in an oversaturated market.

And the real issue is that you desperately want this to work so you can do what you love, on your own terms.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not sure where to even start, or how to get your ideas down on paper.

I totally get it.

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Let’s create a brand that people will fall in love with.

Intentional branding gives you:

  • Clarity on how to build trust with potential clients.

  • Aesthetics that are unique to you, making the competition irrelevant.

  • A long term strategy that speaks value and  finally allows you to charge what you’re worth.

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Before any design begins, we’ll talk through your values, goals, and business inspiration so we can start brainstorming your aesthetic. We’ll clarify how to speak to your audience and visually stand out within your industry.

Then, through a series of revisions, getting input from you along the way, I’ll create an elevated design solution to fit your vision. I’ll hand over the designs with full rights, in the necessary formats, ready for you to use confidently online and in print.

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Branding package

Starting at $500
Approximately 6 weeks

Package includes:

  • In-depth brand research

  • Phone consultation

  • Style board

  • Final logo

  • Secondary logo

  • Font pairings

  • Color palette

  • 2 revision rounds

  • Brand board



(normal people definitions for common design jargon)

Logo: A visual mark that represents your business. A logo is a “memory shortcut” that reminds people about what your business stands for.

Submark/secondary logo: An alternate version of your logo, often formatted to fit a different shape. For example, your main logo might fit perfectly into a horizontal banner for your website, but if you need a square format for your Instagram Profile, your secondary logo can be made to fit better.

Branding:In simplest terms, branding is what people feel when they think about your business. Your branding starts with identifying your story for what you do, and it shows up  in your logo, fonts, colors, tone of voice, imagery and more. The process of branding your business involves strategically fitting pieces together to tell your story in a way that stands out in your industry.

Brand Board: A document containing your design elements all in one place. You’ll be able to look at your brand style board and see how each brand element works together.

Style Board: Also known as a mood board, this is a collection of existing images, colors, and design elements. A style board is used at the beginning of the process to make sure we’re on the same page before any designing actually starts.

Brand Research: The process of digging into your goals, values and inspiration to draw out your story. It involves assessing your current brand and researching your audience. Brand research happens at the very beginning of the process, in the form of questions and a phone consultation.


My work

My style is considered uncomplicated and simple, with a hint of organic handcrafted elements.


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More about vivian

I’m a visual artist creating intentional branding that breathes life into your creative business.

With over seven years of experience in the visual arts, I combine purpose and beauty to tell stories. My passion is to help you create intentional and purposeful designs that bring your vision to life.

A few short years ago, I knew I wanted to do something more with my “side business” of making art prints.

In my experience, I had noticed that a lot of my creative friends struggled with the same things: wanting to follow their passions, but being afraid of failing–creating something no one wanted. Wanting to do what they love, but not knowing how to attract the right people.

The turning point came for me when I saw how I could help creative people do more of what they love. I came across this core idea that has transformed everything for me: your brand will make or break your business.

Creating a thoughtful, intentional brand gives your business wings. I have strong understanding for how to take your values and vision and translate them to a tangible aesthetic. I will work with you to find clarity in your business, create visuals that stand out from your industry, and communicate just how valuable your business is.

Together we’ll create a brand that makes your business irreplaceable.

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