Vivian Kammel

1:1 Brand Coaching

Is your current branding working for you? Is it bringing in people you’re THRILLED to work with?

If not, let’s change that.

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, because you’re too close or too critical of your own work. You need honest, comprehensive feedback and strategy to grow. But hiring a design team to create brand for you might not be an option right now. Or, you might have already worked with a designer, but it wasn’t what you expected. If you’re feeling lost about your current branding, schedule a 1:1 Branding Call.

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this is for you if:

You not sure how to build a strong brand that will grow your business.

You need some clarity and honest feedback on how your current brand is doing.

You know something needs to change with your branding, but you’re not sure which direction to go to see success.


We’ll work on these areas of your business:

First impressions

  • What your brand is saying when people first land on your website and social platforms

  • Is your current brand engaging your ideal audience

  • Are you standing out or blending in with your industry

Visual cohesion

  • Is your brand consistent across platforms

  • Are your brand elements working together as a system

  • Does your brand visually line up with your business purpose

Your strategy

  • Immediate action steps for a stronger brand

  • Which areas to focus on first

  • How to evolve your brand as your business grows

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You’ll also be able to ask specific questions you have about your branding, and get professional advice and feedback.


Here’s what people said about their brand calls:


Before talking with Vivian I felt as if I had no direction with my branding. It was all trial and error, just seeing what felt right, and I had no idea if my message was coming across the way I desired it to. Honestly, branding in general felt like this ambiguous thing that everyone talked about but I had no idea how to implement, haha! I've seen amazing growth in Vivian's business over the past couple of years, and knew she was WAY MORE knowledgable about branding than me.  Branding is not my strength, but it definitely is hers. I knew she'd be able to look at my branding with both fresh and trained eyes, which is exactly what I needed. I needed to know what my weak areas were and how I could improve. I now have a much clearer vision of how my branding looks from the outside. It's so hard to know what's working well and what needs to change when you're the one creating it all–but after this call I was given professional advice and feedback which was extremely helpful. I now have a direction to move in and clear steps to take to improve my branding overall!

–Katie, wedding photographer

My "brand" has always been something rather elusive. I knew my blog and social media accounts were getting there, but I wasn't entirely sure where "there" was. I scheduled a call with Vivian because I hoped she could bridge the gap between the work I had already done to establish my brand and what I had not. Thanks to my call with Vivian, I now have actionable steps to take to establish my brand. The work involved seems tangible instead of abstract. I feel confident that I can move my business forward thanks, in part, to Vivian's strategies.

–Stacy, blogger and podcaster

Before my brand strategy, I felt overwhelmed because I didn't have a clear brand message. I had never really even thought about it before Vivian asked questions and helped pull some of those important details out of me. I was super excited to learn from Vivian and hear the feedback she had for my current branding because she's an expert and I value her opinion. After my brand strategy, I walked away with a more clear idea of my brand, as well as some easy action steps I can take to improve my branding on my own, and how she can help me going forward! 

–Destinee, portrait photographer

I felt optimistic about the branding strategy before the call. I knew I had areas to improve and I trusted her to point them out. I scheduled a call with her because I’ve been following her Instagram for a while now and I REALLY felt like I saw strong branding coming from her own brand and in her stories talking about others’ brands. Since she is also an artist like me I also knew should would completely understand where I was coming from! I feel very good and I have some clear points on my branding that I know I need to strengthen now. She confirmed things I was worried about and even pointed out things I hadn’t thought of which was exactly what I needed.

–Jaime, artist


What your brand coaching call looks like:


I want to get to know you and your business before I start brainstorming ideas on how to help! Once you book your call, I’ll send you a short form to help me understand where you’re at with your business currently.


I’ll spend time researching your industry and business, and brainstorm ways you can really elevate your brand to build trust with your audience.


This is where the magic happens! You’ll get a 1 hour video call with me where I’ll talk through your current branding design, what’s working well, and what needs to change. We’ll talk through key areas you should change to see the most growth.

Action plan

After our call, I’ll send you a comprehensive document with all the details about your brand strategy in PDF format. Your action plan will outline exactly what you’ll need to do to make your branding work for you. The strategies we talk about can be put in place right away to help tell a stronger brand story and grow your business.

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2 weeks

  • Detailed brand research and feedback

  • 1 hour call with Vivian

  • Written analysis of your branding

  • In-depth action plan

  • Resources and strategy to grow