one way to make wedding setup a breeze

Question for you: do you ever struggle with thinking about every single detail that goes into your wedding? Like when you want to make that adorable wedding welcome sign you saw on Pinterest, but then had a total “nailed it!” kind of moment and failed completely. Or maybe when you thought you had remembered everything, but totally forgot to even think about bridesmaid gifts until the last minute.

(Which by the way, if you haven't thought about bridesmaid gifts yet, you'll want to check out this post)

I have totally felt that too! Trust me. I completely forgot about giving gifts to my mom and my husband’s mom until after the wedding! Talk about bride brain, haha.

While I can’t remember every detail for you, I think I can help with one idea–your wedding welcome sign. I’ve got an idea for a wedding welcome sign that I think can really help you communicate with your guests, make your day-of setup super fast and look amazing too!

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one idea for easy wedding set up

My idea? Calligraphy banners! Yep. Did you know some calligraphers letter (and draw) right onto fabric?

You can create a beautiful welcome sign that will impress your guests and get the job done of welcoming them to your wedding or telling them important info.

Banners are incredibly easy to set up (all you need is a nail or hook) and they roll up super small so they’re easy to carry (no giant, heavy wooden signs for your groomsmen to lug around). You can actually display them in less than 30 seconds flat–and I won’t even time you!

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I especially love banners for welcome signs and seating charts because you can get really large without making a lot of work for yourself. A huge piece of fabric is lightweight, compared to massive palette walls.

Ok, I have a confession

I’ve been keeping a secret from you! And the anticipation is too much. Over the last while, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make weddings easier to put together, and more unique and personalized.

I remember my own wedding day set up, I'm not proud to admit that during the setup, I snapped at my family, who was just trying to help. My sweet brother even told me that night “I don’t ever want to set up for a wedding again!”

I have a solution to ease the craziness of wedding prep: I'm launching a line of custom calligraphy banners! I can speak from personal experience: you’re going to have a MUCH better time setting up for your wedding if you decide to personalize a wedding welcome banner!

Wedding welcome sign ideas #thehandlettershop

I want you to get in on this! I have a few limited spots for custom wedding banners. If you're interested, view the current available designs below: