Top 5 Instagram accounts to inspire your home

If you’re anything like me, making your house feel like home can be a fun, but daunting task.

The IG accounts your home has been waiting for!

I’ve compiled 5 Instagram accounts that inspire me when I look at tackling the decor in our tiny studio apartment.

1 | @estherclarkco

Wedding calligrapher and branding expert, Esther’s neutral aesthetic is spot on. You can expect natural colors, plenty of subtle textures and her beautiful botanical illustrations when you follow her account.

2 | @mamawatters

Amanda’s mantra “simple things done with care” pretty much sums up her antique-inspired style. When you follow, you can expect warm tones, natural home recipes and adorable photos of her three kiddos.

3 | @kaetlyn.anne

As a natural living blogger, Kaetlyn’s rustic home decor style does not disappoint. Follow her to be inspired by lots of folk-ey, handmade goodness.

4 | @caroline_joy

Caroline’s mix of fashion and home decor is amazing inspiration for your wardrobe and your home. Her breezy, laidback style is all over every single photo she posts.

5 | @miriaahdawn

Cozy and endearing, you’ll love Miriah’s heartwarming feed. You can expect to see her cute kids alongside her impeccable styled shots. Oh, and plenty of good coffee photos too.

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