Staying warm on your wedding day

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Here in northeast Ohio, the running jokes about our unpredictable weather are endless. Seriously, I see strangers in the grocery store joking about "Ohio weather" all. the. time. If you live here too, you know what I mean.

Regardless of where you live, one of the biggest unknowns for your wedding day is planning for the weather.

If you’re getting married any time other than mid-summer, it’s a good idea to have a plan for staying warm if it's chillier than expected (especially because photos look best when taken outside).

To avoid shivering during your I do’s, layer an elegant shawl or wrap over your dress. Mirela from Weddings by Laremi is here today with a guide to staying warm on your big day.

Mirela hand crochets wraps that will keep you warm, are buttery soft, and look beautiful in your outdoor photos!

Winter wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

About Mirela

What kind of wraps do you make?

I make soft, elegant wraps for brides and bridesmaids so they can wear something special and stay warm on the big day.

To avoid any wool allergies (and the itchiness), I use 100% vegan acrylic yarn so the wraps are comfortable and itch-free during the wedding ceremony.


How did you get started with your business?

How my business came to life is a very funny story.

My wedding day was in October and it completely slipped my mind that I would need a wrap or a shawl to keep me warm. Not that there were many available at that time (probably why I didn’t realize I would need one).

So, I was pretty cold in my beautiful sleeveless dress. I wished someone would have thought of creating something like the shawls I make. It would have been a blessing to have one on my wedding day.

As I love to crochet (it's an addiction), I came up with the idea to create beautiful boleros and shawls for brides and bridesmaids to help them avoid freezing on the ceremony day.


What is the basic process you go through to make a wedding shawl?

The creation process is my favorite. All I need is a pile of soft yarn, a crochet hook, needle, ribbon, my favorite chair and a lot of time. I love crocheting each and every shawl, imagining how happy my brides will be in their custom-made wrap.


Styling your wrap

What wrap styles do you offer?

I use different crochet patterns and I also offer variety in the way the shawls close. For some, I use wide ribbons, for others, narrow ribbons and many of my shawls close with a traditional hook and eye.

These options found a place in my shop after being asked by my customers if I can customize my shawls in this way. I've learned so much from my brides! One of my favorite aspects of having this shop is the possibility to chat with my buyers and find new ways to create the perfect experience for them.

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What advice would you give on choosing the right color wrap?

The color of the shawl is a personal choice and I've seen so many excellent combinations. Burgundy, navy and green are top choices and I must say, they look wonderful with the white dresses.

Sometimes, brides prefer to have a traditional white or ivory color but many times they choose to have the shawl in one of the wedding colors.

There are situations when the bride doesn't know if white, ivory or cream would be a better choice for her dress. Usually, I provide yarn samples to make their decision easier.

What tips can you offer on how to layer a wedding wrap over a dress?

What I love the most about my shawls is how easy are to wear and how versatile they are. Some brides bend the top part to create an elegant collar.

Others use them as traditional wraps, keeping the whole length to cover their back and most part of their arms.

One shawl can cover the neck and the shoulders like a cape or can reveal the neck line and the beautiful shoulders and cover the arms. There are so many ways to layer and style.


Additional tips

Think about the weather and be prepared. Outdoor photos are a marvelous way to preserve wonderful memories but if it is cold it can become dreadfully unpleasant.

Having a soft and warming wrap, just in case, can really save the day. And, unlike the wedding dress, it can be used after your wedding many times.

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I hope you found this post helpful if you're planning ahead for your big day!



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