A Guide to Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery process and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

When I started planning my own wedding, I was overwhelmed by all the decisions that had to be made. From deciding on a venue to saying yes to the perfect dress to choosing what would go on our menu, my to-do list was a mile long!

As a wedding calligrapher, I'm here to help you ease that stress of designing the perfect day, and one of my favorite ways to do that is through semi-custom wedding invitations.

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Your engagement doesn't have to be stressful!

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These tried and true invitation designs are guaranteed to be gorgeous, they can fit into your budget, and the best part is that you can cut down on the decisions you need to make so you can just enjoy to precious time of being engaged.

Here's a break down of how semi-custom invitations work so if you're considering semi-custom invitations, you can know exactly what to expect.


  1. First, choose your semi-custom suite and customize your details by choosing your quantity, envelope color, ink color, calligraphy style, and filling out our information form.

  2. Add any additional adornments, including guest address printing via our shop prior to checking out.

  3. You will receive an initial proof of your invitation suite within seven business days of placing your order. Please review all of the information carefully and make sure everything looks as it should! One revision is included after you see the first proof: this covers any changes to information/wording. Please note that once you have approved the second and final proof, no more changes can be made.

  4. Once you have approved the final proof, your files will be printed. Printing usually takes about three weeks.

  5. Any additional ornaments and/or envelope addressing will be completed after your invitations are printed. Please plan on an additional two weeks for these details to be completed.

  6. Your finished invitations will be carefully packaged and shipped to you, ready for assembly!


Your invitations will arrive in your mailbox five to six weeks after you place your order. If you would like additional ornaments such as envelope addressing or wax seals, please allow an additional two weeks. If you are ordering internationally, also plan on an additional week for shipping.

I do not currently offer any rush options on processing times, but you can contact me about purchasing rush shipping.

Wedding stationery process and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop


A good rule of thumb is to order one invitation per household, instead of one invitation per guest. Orders are currently limited to 50 - 200 invitations. Please contact me for a custom quote if you need a smaller or larger number of invitations. I highly recommend ordering 10 - 15 extra invitations for last minute guests, keepsakes and photographs on your wedding day.


All invitations are flat printed (digitally) on heavyweight cardstock in a your choice of natural white or light grey. The paper is a smooth matte finish and the edges are clean.

Flat printing consists of a high-quality inkjet printer transferring the design onto paper. The finished invitation will look crisp, clean, and smooth.

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I have carefully selected a range of envelope color choices for your invitation suite from my favorite suppliers. All envelopes are euro-flap style, with a matte solid color finish.

new envelope options.jpg


Your invitation suite can be printed in a selection of ink colors. All semi-custom invitation suites are printed in one color of your choice. Envelope printing will be done in black to ensure postal service delivery.

new ink options.jpg


I've spent hours fine-tuning each piece to look its best, therefore at this time font families will remain the same in order to keep the integrity of the design aesthetic. All fonts will used as they are in the suite pictured on the shop page.

If the suite features the couple's names in custom calligraphy, you will have a choice between two calligraphy styles.

Read this guide to Invitation wording to learn more about what to say on your invitation.




You can choose from two handwritten calligraphy styles for certain semi-custom invitation suites: traditional or lowercase script. Traditional script includes capital letters for a more formal suite. Lowercase script provides a modern, laid back style.

new calligraphy options.jpg


To further customize your invitation suite, I've included adornment options in our shop for a selection of additional stationery, day-of items, wax seals, envelope addressing, and more. For any ornaments not listed (such as vintage stamps, silk ribbon, or twine) please contact me directly.

What I love so much about semi-custom invitations is that there are so many combinations that you can truly make your suite reflect your big day. I hope this breakdown was helpful in understanding how semi-custom invites work, and if they are the right fit for you.

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any more questions about semi-custom invitations!



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