4 Reasons to have a calligraphy banner in your wedding

Imagine me in my studio like Dwight Schrute in The Office, when he becomes Dunder Mifflin’s top salesman–because he’s absolutely the most dedicated to his job.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite like that. But that’s what it feels like!

Because I’ve been thinking about YOU. How it’s frustrating to plan out all the details you need to make your wedding go smoothly.

How it’s not as easy as it looks to handle everyone’s opinions, keep track of timelines and budgets, all while trying to actually enjoy being engaged!

I saw a pretty heartbreaking note from a soon to be groom this week that said, “I wish my almost wife was more excited to get married than worried about the details!” And my heart totally goes out to that sweet couple!

Calligraphy wedding banners and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

But the truth is, wedding planning is a lot to handle. And I’ve got you with all my best wedding planning resources.

One of my favorite ways to help you plan your wedding is to create simple, handmade calligraphy banners. Yep! Did you know some calligraphers letter (and draw) right onto fabric?

While I can’t fix everything, I do have 3 reasons that you should use a calligraphy banner to make your wedding go SO much more smoothly!

1. impress your guests

Now, your wedding is about way more than just impressing people–I stand behind that 100%. But you do want to create an event that your guests enjoy and get excited for.

Some of them may have traveled far to attend, and you want to thank them for supporting your new life together by having a reception that’s unique and fun!

I’ve seen calligraphy banners used as photo backdrops, welcome signs, seating charts, order of service signs and more! In each case, people are always impressed by how unique banners are.


2. Your photos will look awesome

Everyone wants beautiful photos to remember your big day by, and having the added texture and movement of a calligraphy banner is a fun way to spice up your photos.

I’ve seen calligraphy banners used up front at the ceremony, or as a photo backdrop for guests! The lightweight texture of cotton always makes a great background for photos.

anti stress engagement banner #thehandlettershop

3. Easiest set up

This one’s my personal favorite–probably because I had such a rough time setting up for my own wedding. It was a long day, and definitely exhausting–which is not how you want to feel the week before you get married!

Calligraphy banners are incredibly easy to set up and transport. This is especially why I love using them as seating charts and other large signs. You don’t need 4 men and a truck to get your sign to the wedding venue–you can just gently roll your banner up, and hang it in about 30 seconds flat.


4. makes the perfect keepsake

This might not be applicable to every banner option (you probably won’t reuse your order of service sign) but for a lot of calligraphy banners, you can keep it on display in your new home.

If you get a banner with one of your favorite quotes, or with your monogram on it, it can be a super fun way to decorate your home and remember your special day!

custom calligraphy wedding banners from #thehandlettershop

Something exciting is coming up!

I have a solution to ease the craziness of wedding prep: I'm launching a line of custom calligraphy banners! I can speak from personal experience: you’re going to have a MUCH better time setting up for your wedding if you decide to personalize a wedding welcome banner!

I want you to get in on this! I have a few limited spots for custom wedding banners. If you're interested, view the current available designs below: