How to Find Your Wedding Stationery Style

Wedding stationery style quiz and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

When I first started planning my wedding, I quickly realized there were a whole lot of decisions to make. As someone who naturally struggles with making decisions (like what to watch for movie night) I found myself feeling overwhelmed. Can you relate?

I wanted to create a wedding that had a cohesive feel from the reception decor to the ceremony style to the wedding favors. That’s a lot of ground to cover!

While I can’t plan every detail of your wedding for you, I can help you in the wedding stationery department. The detail and design you put into things like your save the dates, invitations, place cards, programs, menus and thank you cards is an easy way to tie everything together.

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You can design stationery that will be present in every part of your wedding, from getting your guests excited beforehand, to informing them of the order of ceremony, to thanking them afterwards.

If you put some extra thought into your wedding stationery style, you can easily create a cohesive feel for your entire wedding.

Wedding stationery style quiz and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

With a few simple questions, you can get started in the right direction for finding your stationery style.

  1. Do you like calligraphy or simple type?
  2. Do you like vibrant colors or subtle neutrals?
  3. Do you like high contrast or a cohesive shades of similar colors?
  4. Are you drawn to organic handmade paper or clean and modern card stock?
  5. Floral illustrations or just keep it simple?
  6. Extremely detailed and informative or just the essentials and put the rest on the website?
  7. What are some hobbies, personality traits, or unique things about you as a couple?
  8. What words describe other elements of your wedding style?

Ultimately, your wedding stationery should reflect who you are as a couple, and the general feel you want to have for your big day.

If you're overwhelmed with wedding planning, I get it! I was totally in your shoes, and I want to help you. To do so, I’ve created a library on Pinterest that can serve as a starting point for you as you begin to narrow in on your wedding stationery style.

I hope this post was helpful to you as you form a style for your wedding. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out! 



P.S. For more wedding advice, inspiration and fine art curation, view the Pinterest Library here.

After asking yourself these questions, how would you describe you wedding stationery style?