Bridesmaid Gift Ideas You'll Want to Steal for Yourself

Unique bridesmaid gift ideas and wedding planning tips from #thehandlettershop

Shopping for bridesmaid gifts can be a huge hassle, especially with all of the options out there. How can you find uncomplicated, meaningful gifts that your girls will actually enjoy?

I've narrowed it down to 8 bridesmaid gift ideas that are so good, you'll want to steal them for yourself (and I won't tell if you do!). Not even gonna lie, I totally wanted to buy these all for myself too as I was collecting items for this post!

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Floral Cards 

Weddings are a wonderful time to personally thank your closest friends for all they do, and there's nothing so meaningful as a handwritten note. Keep it simple!

Marbled Ring Dish 

A small ring dish is a sweet take away to give your bridesmaids that they'll see often and be reminded of your special day. I love how the marbling and gold rim of this ring dish make it a little more unique!

The Hidden Necklace 

This hand stamped, V-shaped necklace has a spot for a hidden word on the underside of the V, making it an extra special gift for your closest friends. Plus, you can get matching ones for your squad, which is the perfect excuse to get one for yourself too!

You Are Enough Print 

We all need this reminder! You. Are. Enough. Encourage your bridesmaids that they are enough with this minimalist calligraphy print. (and get 10% off of this print here)

Geometric earrings

These fun ceramic earrings make a statement, especially for bridesmaids with an artistic style. They come in a variety of colors too so you can match with your girls or get all different colors!

Raindrop Rings

These delicate rings with a unique twist are great for stacking or just adding to your collection. Plus, they're minimal enough that they'll go with your wedding day jewelry too!

Body Butter

Who doesn't want buttery soft skin? This all natural body butter is made with essential oils, so you and your bridesmaids can enjoy a spa night together and wake up with glowing, beautiful skin.

Mini Planter 

Ok, darn cute is this little planter? I mean, its useful and adorable? I call that a win-win!  


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