10 Home Design Tips

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to making your house feel like a home?

Last year, Caleb and I moved into a tiny studio apartment that is less than 400 square feet. Now, I'm not complaining (hello there, speedy cleaning sesh!) but, in like 2.5 seconds, I felt overwhelmed on how to divide the space and make it feel like home.

I felt like my home was telling the story of chaos, not the story of us.

Slowly, piece by piece, I started telling a new story. And I'm so excited to share with you my top 10 home design tips I learned along the way!

10 home design tips from The Hand Letter Shop

1 | Clear the clutter

Start your redesign with a clean slate. Start with  just ONE area of your home to clear out and go through every item. Organize your things into piles: keep, trash, and give. The key here is to just get started.

Hint: Check out this guide for how to keep a clean home.


2 | Start with color

Fresh paint can make a world of difference, so if you’re looking to make a bigger design change, start there.


3 | Compromise

If you and your spouse or roommate have different styles, the best way to design your home is to mix your two styles together. Pair both of your favorite items together to create a style that is truly yours!


4 | Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day either, so you don’t have to have everything perfect right away. Think of your home decor as a way to tell your story, and take the time to collect pieces that really speak to you.

Hint: Try using with intentional artwork or family antiques.


5 | White space

Having "white space" or empty space isn't always a bad thing. Resist the urge to fill every nook and cranny. It’s better to have more space for your eyes to rest visually.


6 | Add some life

One of my favorite ways to make a space feel fresh is to add some greenery. Bring in a few easy to care for plants to decorate your shelving and tables.

Hint: Here's a list of houseplants that purify.


7 | You do you

You don’t need to follow a specific set of rules when it comes to decorating your home. The most comfortable homes are the ones where there is thoughtfulness and confidence in the design. Think of your home design as your story, and tell it boldly!


8 | Small updates

Your home redesign doesn’t have to break the bank. You can update your space by adding accent pieces, artwork, and light fixtures without doing a complete remodel.


9 | Mix it up

It’s amazing how different a room can feel when you change the layout. Try thinking outside the box and move the pieces you already have into a new arrangement that you haven’t tried yet. You can make a space feel fresh without spending a dime, and don’t worry, you can always move it back if you don’t like it!

Hint: Grab a friend and work together! Sometimes fresh eyes can help you see things differently.


10 | Pretty + Practical

It's important to balance what looks good and what is useful. Find unique containers for ordinary items, or pretty furniture that doubles as storage.

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