Fun, inviting, laid back, feminine strength.

Ashley’s stunning photography brings out a confident inner glow in her clients. Her work highlights kindness and positivity, and her relaxed approach helps make every wedding she captures feel authentic and fun.

We worked with Ashley to create a fresh and feminine identity that aligns with her photography. We ultimately landed on a clean typography logo with fun little customizations that elevates her business. Her visual identity extends to her pricing guide and bridal packet for a seamless client experience.

“I cannot recommend Vivian enough. Before Vivian my branding was just a hodgepodge of things I had put together, There was no cohesiveness in anything and it all sort of felt like a mess and unprofessional. I recently just hit my 10 year anniversary of photography. I knew that I had the knowledge with my camera, but it was time to take my business serious. I knew I was lacking in a “brand” and I knew I couldn’t produce what I wanted. I decided to invest in Vivian because 1. she is just amazingly talented and 2. I knew she could bring my vision to life better than I could dream it up! Now my branding simply feels like “me”. It feels fresh, trendy and professional, all while being unique. I don’t know any other creatives in my field that have a similar look to mine, which is great, because I am my own personal business! Vivian just made it into a brand!”