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Creative Business Branding

Is it time for you to rebrand your creative business? There are a lot of unknowns in business, and everyone has a different timeline for when rebranding makes the most sense. Here are 6 points to consider about when to rebrand (and when not to).

When to rebrand your creative business:

You want to raise your prices

To raise your prices, communicate value from the first moment people meet your brand. If you’re not comfortable raising your prices, it may be because you aren’t being perceived as valuable as you’d like. Consider a rebrand for your creative business to create a more elevated aesthetic.

You want to work with a new audience

A full rebrand of your creative business involves studying your audience deeply. It means creating a solution for the real problems they are facing. To begin working more with a certain kind of client, make sure your branding is connecting with that new audience. If you’re currently a family photographer who wants to begin booking more birth shoots, rebranding strategically will help you attract both of those audiences.

You want to pivot into a new product or service

Maybe you’re already working with your dream clients, but you want to expand on your services. Say you’re a wedding calligrapher, but you want to start educating people through in-person workshops. Spend a little extra time and strategy up-front with a rebrand to start on the right foot with your new service.

When not to rebrand your creative business:

Your current brand is bringing you tons of business that you love

Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. If you’ve hit your stride and you’re bringing in tons of clients that you’re over the moon about (and they’re paying you premium prices)—great! Consider doing a light refresh to your brand (adding submarks, refining your colors, polishing up your website). A Brand refresh will add a layer of professionalism instead of doing a full rebrand.

You’re still experimenting with what you want to do

All stages of business involve experimentation. However, often when you’re just starting out, you’re trying out many different services, products and industries to find your footing. If you’re still in this stage, consider doing a Brand Discovery Call instead of a full rebrand right away to begin brainstorming how to grow a successful business.

You want to keep your creative business as a hobby

You don’t have to strive to make your business your full time job. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship—you get to run your business how you want. However, it might not make sense to invest in a full rebrand if you don’t want to grow your business, and would rather keep it around for fun.

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